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Tubo, the Tibetan language

(1)     Tubo Language Tubo, the Tibetan language used in writing Tubo documents, also called ancient Tibetan, was among the Chinese-Tibetan language family. Tubo emerge red from the Tibet Plateau in the 7th century and entered the Western Regions in 662, vying with the Tang Dynasty for the rule there. Tubo occupied the Western Regions at […]

August: Peridot

August: Peridot August Birthstone is Peridot, which is one of the few gemstones that appear only in one color. Its natural color is pale-green. The best Peridot crystals come from Egypt and a myth says, it has been used as jewelry since Cleopatra’s time in power. Peridot was set in gold to increase color and power. […]

Importance of June birthstones

Importance of June birthstones As birthday pearls for June, moonstones amethyst, alexandrites and pearls have a wide range of importance especially where the use of rings, bangles and other beauty adornments are concerned. June birthday stones have the following importances: Beauty and aesthetics; June birthday pearls, moonstones amethysts and alexandrites are generally used for beauty […]


Birthstones Birthstones are generally used symbolically in the Gregorian calendar to act symbolically. These precious stones have been used to have some symbolic explanation to issues in the lives of people born in a particular month. Several precious stones are lined up for the interpretation of every month starting from January up to December. The […]

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